Rebuttal Evidence

The State has the right to present rebuttal evidence. (Pana vs Judge Buyser, G.R. No. 130144, G.R. Nos. 130502-03, May 24, 2001). In this case, appellants assail the admission of the testimony of Pomoy, Jr. as rebuttal witness on the ground that the prosecution had already rested its case. The Supreme Court held that this… Continue reading Rebuttal Evidence

Unpaid Debt: Venue to File Case

A, a resident of San Pedro, Laguna, borrowed money from B, a resident of Binan, Laguna. In case A fails to pay, where should B commence the action? Explain Answer: B may commence the action against A either in the proper courts of San Pedro, Laguna or Binan. This is so because the venue of… Continue reading Unpaid Debt: Venue to File Case